Video Resource: Are you really hiring on merit? A story about hiring senior management with Diversity and Inclusion

This animation shows the cumulative effect of racism in senior management that is based on true stories of two fictional characters, Tom and Tim.

Tom and Tim have the same ability.

They got the same marks at university.

Will they go on to have the same success in their respective careers?

What happens if they were treated differently?


In Diversity and Inclusion there is little discussion about the cumulative effects of systemic racism and other -isms that allows the system to keep perpetuating roadblocks against people from marginalised groups. This means when you review candidates from marginalised groups, they usually have less experience because they have had less opportunities.

The key is to give people from marginalised groups more opportunities to make up for their lost opportunities.

This animation was an idea that I have had ever since I setup Not the Only One with the #SidebySide category. The idea of the #SidebySide category was to see the stark difference in the way people were treated when they did something wrong.

Here is an example:

The example I used for this video is below. It talks about when leaders of American football teams lose the final and don’t do the sporting gesture of shaking hands with the opposition before they leave the field.

The other example is the horrific story of Tanya Day.

In the case of Tanya Day, 55, she was arrested after the train conductor found her asleep on the service travelling from Bendigo to Melbourne in 2017. She later died after hitting her head several times while in custody.

The coroner also noted the same police officers treated Ms Day differently to another severely intoxicated woman they attended to later the same day who was not Indigenous. The  woman was driven home, not to the police station, and was not arrested for being drunk in public.

This is free to share under a CC BY 4.0 license.