We are based in Melbourne, Victoria (UTC +10).

You can get in contact via LinkedIn or via email at info [at] practicaldiversity [dot] org

Statement on public speaking

I’m happy to give a presentation but there are some questions I will ask to help me decide if this is a good fit for both parties:

  1. What is your budget for the presenter?
  2. Have you already asked intersectionally marginalised people to my right (of the Intersectionality Spectrum graph below) to present? If so, how many?
  3. What is the breakdown of men, women, and non-binary gender people who will also be talking?
  4. Will I be the only person of colour talking?
View of Intersectionality Spectrum graph where the degree of difficulty is the y axis. This increases as the graph goes to the right.

Intersectionality Spectrum showing how triaging should help people with a higher degree of difficulty.


Consultancy fees

Consultancy fees are $400USD per hour for virtual engagement of any kind, although Not-for-Profits and community-led engagements are negotiable. All work includes 3 months of email support. Please note that all the material is free, open and available via this website. There is no need to engage my services if you are willing to read this material, understand, and take action. 

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