This is a free, practical, online set of resources for improving Diversity and Inclusion for organisations.

The overall vision for this website is to create a proven, scalable, open source set of resources to reduce the emotional work needed to make Diversity and Inclusion efforts in the workplace more effective and efficient.

These resources are for people who need an introduction into Diversity and Inclusion as well as practitioners who might feel that they aren’t getting the results their efforts deserve. They have already made a positive impact.

The core message is that we need to understand the problem of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion before we can change. In essence, DEI is change management, and this means that technical solutions such as processes are only one part of the puzzle.

Key Resources for Diversity and Inclusion

There are many resources on this website relating to recruitment, but the starting point is 15 minute introduction to Diversity & Inclusion for workplaces.

The next resource I would recommend is the Senior Leadership workshop presentation.

Reasons why this resource exists

  1. To leverage these resources to allow privileged individuals to take up “the fight” at their own
    organisations without having to expose themselves to a high amount of risk.
  2. To allow those who want to change (contemplation stage of the Transtheoretical model of
    behaviour change) to work through the discomfort in a safe space to get to the other side as a
    proactive ally.
  3. To dismantle the idea that we hire on merit. If we cannot change this narrative, all the other work
    will be subject to legal and informal attack.
  4. Longer term, to change the system so that diversity becomes a key skill looked for at senior management levels.

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