Racism impacts us every day

Just had to head off a white man who was looking like he was going to bully some kids at the local park.

He was using the excuse of the kids pulling dead branches off trees as an excuse.

As I started walking slowly to him and as one of the kids started doing as he said, he backed off without saying anything.

It was scary that he was driving and parked his car to “enforce”. Imagine how the kids felt!

And yes, none of those kids were white.

I’m not going out without something to protect myself now.

What was worse, my 5 year old daughter was at the park as well.

What if it ended up like Cassius Turvey? Who is he? you can read that here: https://lnkd.in/dHvccqrY

I had to leave the park as I didn’t feel safe 🙁

I tried to explain to the kids that they need to be extra careful as racist people will use anything as an excuse to attack them.

Do you think this is the only time I’ve felt like this? Nope. Maybe this graph will help you understand why it might not seem like a big deal to you.

Left graph shows a graph that shows how trauma accumulates with time like steps that keep going up and is very high. Right graph no accumulation of trauma and thre are no steps at all and only shows the small impact (a single step) an outsider sees that is very low.

This is why #DEI and all that other shit is important – it impacts us and our lives.

Now think about who benefits when we cancel DEI work like they are doing in some states in the USA.