At the end of the day, when you are desigining or implementing a Diversity and Inclusion strategy, you will need to make an impact. These are the stories and data that show how the resources at Practical Diversity and Inclusion has made a difference.

Impact stories on Diversity and Inclusion

The Capability Maturity Model for Diversity in Organisations was used as a framework to setup the initial committee for the Research Software Engineering community in Australia and New Zealand. The end result of this was that for a community that was overwhelmingly male (91% male respondents to a 2018 survey), they collaborated to agree on two capable co-chairs that were gender, culturally, and intersectionally diverse. These are also now in use at the University of Manchester.

During the setup of a new data analytics group at the University of Melbourne, I recognised there was no cultural diversity in the interview panel. I reached out to my network of culturally diverse colleagues and in many interviews we had one or more culturally diverse interviewers. The result was that we ended up having 44% of the initial recruitment being culturally diverse with multiple people from intersectionally marginalised groups.

I organically built a very diverse software engineering team that at one point consisted of 4 women (including 3 students and 3 women of colour) and myself. These experiences shaped my thoughts on workforce planning and diversity and inclusion in organisations.


Data Analytics

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Positive Feedback Received

“Rowland has insights about opportunity and inclusion that have potential to change how you think.” – Vanessa Sochat

“It’s really useful to have this all so clearly written out, and have a clear pathway for improving diversity, and why that’s important.” – Nick Golding, member of the Research Software Engineering interim steering committee.

“So much respect to you for undertaking a challenging feat to open up difficult conversations. These conversations are extremely important and it’s a shame they are not a part of occupational health and safety procedures.” – Priyanka Pillai

“As a stupendously privileged white male whose life has essentially gone the easy-route to success, I would like to compliment you on this work. Seriously.” – Sven Dowideit

“Thank you for spending the time and mental effort to articulate these uncomfortable truths so clearly in front of an audience that needs to hear it.” – Anonymous

“I was truly grateful to have a safe space to ask my awkward questions. And, I am very grateful for your kindness and feedback.” – Anonymous

“Fantastic talk, Rowland! So grateful for the real people example! It’s amazing how much more this presentation talk[s] to me than some random theoretical talk!” – Anonymous

“Your presentation on diversity/inclusion really got me thinking and I was wondering if it’s possible to get a copy of your slides please. There were some really good, practical ideas and I didn’t have time to write them all down.” – Anonymous

“Thank you so much Rowland, even in spite of “content warning” – it looks like you can never get prepared enough in these vulnerable things” – Anonymous