Provided recruitment advice for a Business Analyst position description

In 2024 we provided advice for a Business analyst position in a Medical Research Institute for a complex new project.

Initial contact and review

When we first talked to the hiring manager they were leaning towards another title for the position. After understanding the environment that the position was going to work in, as well as the skills provided by the third party vendor, we realised that this would be more a position for a business analyst then the original title.

As part of the review of the position description, we rewrote and refocused introductory paragraphs, key accountabilities,and essential requirements, based on conversations with the hiring manager. This is where we encouraged the focus of having a slightly less senior role, we suggested a decrease in weighting of experience, and increased the weighting of continuous improvement skills.


The result of this was that there were over 50 applicants for the position and all of the applicants had a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background. While we think that our suggestions made a difference, we think there were other factors as well, including a visibly diverse hiring manager.

As part of the interview process, we recommended streamlining the interview questions and highlighting some best practice approaches to future recruitment.

The successful applicant ended up being a migrant Woman of Colour with a strong set of skills that were very much aligned with the position description, and a solid background in dealing with external technical vendors, clinicians, and dealing with clinical data from external sources.


Associate Professor Ashley Ng, the hiring manager, said: “Rowland provided exceptional advisory services for a new position we needed to fill. They adeptly adjusted the job title and specifications to better fit the project’s environment and skills needed, which not only broadened our applicant pool but also attracted a diverse and highly skilled set of candidates. Their strategic insights were crucial in hiring a perfectly aligned and exceptionally qualified candidate, enhancing our project’s success.”