Introducing our first Practical Diversity and Inclusion Fellow, Richard Dushime.

We are proud to launch the Practical Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship in its initial trial phase with our first Fellow, Dushime Mudahera Richard.

Richard is living in Uganda as a Congolese refugee, and he aims to share his experiences so that he can highlight the challenges refugees face in getting an education and finding jobs. He is dedicated, enthusiastic and has worked in multiple open source projects and also in running RSE Asia Australia 2023 and RSEAA24.

His goal is to make sure people understand the tough situations they go through, and he will suggest ways that those who have more resources can help.

The Practical Diversity and Inclusion (PDI) Fellowship Programme is designed with the primary objective of empowering and raising the profile of individuals who have a high “degree of difficulty” as explained by the Intersectionality Spectrum Framework.

The secondary aim of this Fellowship Programme is to demonstrate the practicality and utility of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) framework provided by PDI, and to identify gaps and improvements.

By educating Fellows in this framework, the programme enables them to actively apply its principles in real-world scenarios that benefit them and others with high “degrees of difficulty”.

The methodology employed by PDI in selecting new Fellows will be based on the Intersectionality Spectrum Framework although the initial pilot in early 2024 will be invite-only. We are committed to making this an applicant-centric process.

Find out more at the Practical Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship page.