Diversity and Inclusion is not my job, nor is it a hobby or a passion, it is a coping mechanism to take back some control in a system that is inherently out of my control. — Rowland Mosbergen.

Diversity and Inclusion isn’t a career for me, it is my life, it is my future. It is my family’s life. We have to live through it every day.

Yet I am the most privileged person in my family as a Man of Colour. Everyone else belongs to more than one marginalised group.

Because I have this privilege, I want to do something about it.

Practical, long-term change is difficult and can be exhausting. This is why I started this website – to collate resources that I felt would be able to be scalable and change people’s minds.

I have given talks to Australian, American and European audiences with consistent positive feedback that has already made a difference. You can hear about the stories on the Impact page.


Other work

I setup and ran the Mentoring for PoC aiming for Senior Leadership positions program that had an intake in 2020. The feedback received was positive. The biggest challenge was ensuring the mentors were culturally and intersectionally complement to not trigger or cause distress to the mentees.

I setup the website Not the Only One – capturing, curating, and sharing stories on racism and intersectionality that now has 1700+ stories with 50+ of them categorised.



My resume can be viewed here – 2022-03 Latest Resume Rowland Mosbergen – Senior Manager – DEI.