Diversity and Inclusion is not my job, nor is it a hobby or a passion, it is a coping mechanism to take back some control in a system that is inherently out of my control.

Diversity and Inclusion isn’t a career for me, it is my life, it is my future. It is my family’s life. We have to live through it every day.

Yet I am the most privileged person in my family as a Man of Colour. Everyone else belongs to more than one marginalised group.

Because I have this privilege, I want to do something about it.

Practical, long-term change is difficult and can be exhausting. This is why I started this website – to collate resources that I felt would be able to be scalable and change people’s minds.

I have given talks to Australian, American and European audiences with consistent positive feedback that has already made a difference. You can hear about the stories on the Impact page.

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