Resource: Student expectations document

I have had a lot of success and impact working with student interns and these are the expectations I have provided to many students on what they can expect from me and what I expect from them. If you are looking to apply for a student intern position with me, this gives you a guide as to the culture that I aim to provide.

What you can expect from myself when I am mentoring you as a student:

  • I will be patient with you and help build your skills, regardless of your level
  • I will try to place you in a project that is tailored to your interests and abilities
  • I will give you a safe environment in which to make mistakes and improve
  • I will help you be a better all-around professional, including helping you with soft skills like talking with clients, requirements gathering, speaking in front of your peers, how to apply for jobs and job interviews
  • I will help you understand the nuances of the high-level problem as a priority
  • I will help you to understand tools that are available and when best to use them
  • I will encourage you when you are doing well and guide you in areas to improve
  • I will encourage you to be a part of our team and community
  • I am aware of bias against women, disability (including those with social or communication difficulties) and race and take this into account when providing opportunities for students

What I expect of you as a student:

  • You will abide by our Code of Conduct at all times
  • You will always do your best and work on continuously improving yourself
  • You will be upfront with me if something impacts your wellbeing, your learning ability, or your productivity
  • You will be willing to ask “background” questions in team meetings or with team members to help you understand the high-level nuances of the problem
  • You will provide me with suggestions on how I can do things better
  • You will be willing to disagree with me and be willing to compromise with me
  • You will help your fellow students as best you can, within reason
  • You will be able to google simple examples and background information
  • You will document work in our project management system (when appropriate) and keep it up to date