Outreachy for Diverse Technical Student Interns

I wanted to let you all know about Outreachy (https://www.outreachy.org/).

Outreachy provides internships in open source and open science. Outreachy provides internships to people subject to systemic bias and impacted by underrepresentation in the technical industry where they are living.

New communities can in February and in August, this year the deadline is the 25th of February.

Outreachy internships are:

  • Paid – $7,000 USD total internship stipend
  • Remote – both interns and mentors work remotely
  • 3 months – internships run May to August, or December to March

This is an overview of how a community can apply for Outreachy.

Outreachy process consists of 5 stages

It should be noted that the funding is a little different from Google Summer of Code, in that some communities may get funding from Outreachy, others have to find funding for at least one intern.

All communities must find finding for at least one intern ($6,500 USD):

  • Humanitarian open source communities can apply for funding from Outreachy
  • Open science communities can apply for funding from Outreachy
  • Other open source communities need to find their own funding. Communities might use their own community funds, or find a company to sponsor an intern.
  • All types of open source communities can apply to receive additional funding for interns. However, funding for at least one intern must be secured first.


You can ask questions at https://www.outreachy.org/contact/organizers/