How you can help me share diversity and inclusion ideas

I realised recently that I needed to share how you can help me share diversity and inclusion ideas. This is not from a point of view of being an ally to those from marginalised groups, but to help me make this website and content sustainable.

So here is a short list on how you can help me share diversity and inclusion ideas:

  • share my posts or like them,
  • create a post on your website that links to an article on this website to help raise it’s profile on search engines,
  • send a public note of appreciation or to encourage me to keep going,
  • suggest that someone in a position of power night want to watch one of my shorter videos or posts,
  • help open doors for me such as telling me about an opportunity that aligns with my goals,
  • invite me onto your podcast or panel,
  • help me improve my website or provide other technical advice,
  • suggest that I apply or support my application for a fellowship that allows me to continue to create,
  • encourage people to hire me in a senior management role or senior Diversity, Equity and Inclusion role, and
  • engage me to suggest ways to make your next conference more diverse and inclusive.

All of these suggestions will help me increase the situations that bring me joy and energy.

Picture of a calm water at a beach with a blue sky

I’m sure there are other things that you could do, but for the moment this is all that I could think of. But I’m always open to suggestions, discussions and brainstorming, so please contact me!

I was thinking about Patreon or Paypal accounts but maybe not right at this time.

Please let me know if there is anything you can help me with, any feedback and support is greatly appreciated!!!