Designing Diversity – the monthly sarcastic magazine for DEI professionals (November 2021 edition)

Welcome to the very first Designing Diversity – the monthly sarcastic magazine for DEI professionals!

Fake magazine cover with three white people in a business setting shaking hands

I thought I would take all the sarcastic thoughts I have and turn them into a cover of a fake magazine.

Just to explain the text a little more.

I like the idea of getting different colour ties to show how organisations care about racial diversity and I wanted to make the bottom statement about a black CEO something like “Relax, they are weeded out early on in their career”.

In my head I yell out “Tokenism!” everytime I see diversity statements at the end of job ads when there are no comments about needing to be culturally or diverse in the roles and responsibilities, and the┬áselection criteria.

And the number of times I have seen intersectionality tacked onto strategies is really getting up there!

Most of these ideas came from reviewing companies and organisations in Australia where their boards are mainly white and their strategy is only focused on gender equity.

Here is just one example below. No need to call them out, most organisations are like this, they are one of many.

One page of the report showing the Intersectionality Spectrum and the visible spectrum of people on the current committe

This is based on a visual check of course from their webpage at

If I’m angry, you won’t listen. Maybe if I’m sarcastic, people will feel uncomfortable enough to see through their privilege.

At any rate, I hope some of you like it. Letting me know you like it gives me motivation to keep going – so please do let me know via the Contact page.

If you have any suggestions I will be happy to add them to next month’s edition!

Underpinning image by Werner Heiber from Pixabay