Tiger in the room

Image of sunset across a mountain range with text.

You have been hypnotised to think a tiger is in the room. Break the spell. There is nothing else needed to be radically changed.

The full original quote from Anthony de Mello’s One Minute Wisdom:


This is how the Master once explained the fact that Enlightenment came not through effort but through understanding:
“Imagine all of you are hypnotized to believe there is a tiger in this room. In your fear you will try to escape it, to fight it, to protect yourselves from it, to placate it. But once the spell is broken there is nothing to be done. And you are all radically changed:
“So understanding breaks the spell, the broken spell brings change, change leads to inaction, inaction is power: You can do anything on earth, for it is no longer you who do it.”

Quote found via https://chippit.tripod.com/de_mello.html