Rules don’t always help, most of the time a framework is needed

I do worry a little about perscriptive “rules” based on limited intersectionality as I think rules don’t work in reality, as it gets too complex. As in you have to extrapolate those rules into new situations.

Eg. This is what you need to do when dealing with a Woman of Colour.

But what if they are also disabled? Or chronically sick? Or a migrant who doesn’t speak the language as well? Shouldn’t that change the rules?

I saw this recently in a First Nation discussion about research exploitation of ex prisoners where a FN woman was apologising to a FN woman ex prisoner.

A simple “What do you need to feel comfortable?” backed by actions and resources goes a long, long way. As well as being quick with an apology. And understanding that what one person wants isn’t the same for others with the same challenges.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if well meaning people read a book superficially, and then get burned when they try to apply it. And then stop caring and trying.

It really is not that easy, in my opinion. Needed, but not easy.