Workshop for Improving Diversity and Inclusion in Senior Leadership is now available

I have scheduled two free workshops in August and September, one during lunchtime and another after hours Melbourne time (European friendly). These workshops are divided into two sessions each.

The first session will be an introduction presentation. It is interactive and is scheduled for 1.5 hours maximum. The link for session 1 is here:

The second session will also be 1.5 hours maximum and will include:

  • reviewing the recruitment process that the organisation of each individual has,
  • writing up improvements to that process, and
  • brainstorming how that process could be implemented within that organisation.
The link for sessionĀ 2 is here:

FAQs – these will be updated as questions are asked:

  1. Can I go to the introduction session in one month and the second session in another month? Yes, that is ok.