DEI Hack

A Hackathon for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

What is a hackathon?

… hackathons in recent years are more like gathering different domain talents like data scientists, designers, businessmen, and engineers in groups to work on a project in one to three days.

Yes hackathons can be predatory and I don’t like how they are competitive.

Principles for a collaborative hackathon would be similar to those for my Proactive Community of Practice:

  1. Diverse / International in scope (OK that is even ambitious for me!)
  2. Collaborative
  3. Visionary
  4. Scalable
  5. Ethical

So not only do I want to create an inclusive, collaborative hackathon, I want to do it for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion problems.

My problem stories as a starting point:

  1. Not The Only One – how can I change the format around to be less about twitter – the format is actually doing well in itself.
  2. Call It Out – a website to allow someone from within the organisation to identify the lack of diversity in their leadership team in a scalable way.

So I will need help – anyone want to join me?

Reach out via my LinkedIn profile.